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I believe everyone knows the importance of lubrication maintenance for the normal operation of a piece of equipment. However, sometimes the equipment is lubrica

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I believe everyone knows the importance of lubrication maintenance for the normal operation of a piece of equipment. However, sometimes the equipment is lubricated at regular intervals, but the problems of various sizes are always "continuous." Did you know that this is probably a lubrication failure, and what causes failure?

1. Lubricant deterioration

If dust, water and other impurities enter the lubrication system, or the lubricating oil is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will cause the lubricating oil to deteriorate and make the lubrication of the equipment invalid. Therefore, the sealing of the lubricating system should be done in production.

2. The pipeline is blocked

Dust generated during long-term operation of the sand making machine may enter the system pipeline through various oil supply points and oil return points, causing clogging of the oil supply line or oil return line, resulting in the failure of the lubrication system and affecting the normal lubrication of the equipment. Replacing the original pipeline with a polymer composite tube can reduce the blockage of the pipeline.

3. Improper selection of lubricating oil

Different lubricants are used in different seasons. In winter, lubricants with a slightly lower kinematic viscosity can be used, and in summer, lubricants with a higher kinematic viscosity can be used. On the other hand, since the sand making machine is in a state of high-speed rotation for a long time, and it will produce violent vibration during operation, it is necessary to choose a lubricating oil with high viscosity, good adhesion, or good vibration reduction performance.

4. The lubrication system lacks oil

When the lubrication system cuts off the oil or the oil pressure is too low, the lubricating oil cannot enter the lubrication point, causing the lubricating part to heat up due to lack of oil, which is also one of the reasons for lubrication failure. In response to this problem, a self-made oil cutoff alarm can be installed in the lubrication system. When the system is short of oil, the alarm will alert the staff to refuel in time to ensure good lubrication of the equipment.

5. There are impurities in the lubrication system

Impurities in the lubrication system will definitely make the lubrication invalid. Therefore, cleaning the lubrication system is also a very important task. When changing the oil, use clean gasoline or kerosene to carefully clean the parts to ensure that the lubrication system is clean and free of debris. Ensure the normal operation of the sand making machine and reduce the occurrence of failures caused by lubrication failure.

There are various causes of equipment failures, not only due to lubrication failure. In actual production, users also need to overhaul in time according to their own conditions, so as not to cause greater losses.

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