Causes And Solutions Of Sand Making Machine Blockage


Material blocking is a problem encountered by almost every sand making machine for various reasons, but the results will affect the sand making efficiency and r

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Material blocking is a problem encountered by almost every sand making machine for various reasons, but the results will affect the sand making efficiency and reduce the production volume. Understanding common causes and solutions is extremely important to the normal production of a business.

Impact of material blocking on sand making machine

Causes of blocking and treatment methods

1.Inappropriate materials

If the water content is large, it may stick to the sand making machine. The effective solution is to perform pre-heating at the inlet; if it is hard or the size is large, it will cause blockage.

2.Feeding speed is too fast

The feeding speed and processing speed are not well matched. For example, fast feeding, slow crushing, and late discharging will cause material blockage. Therefore, when feeding the sand making machine, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and continuity of the feeding and reduce Material blocking problem.

In addition, pay attention to the change of the ammeter pointer when feeding. Generally speaking, if the feeding amount is too large, the deflection angle of the pointer of the ammeter will be large, and the motor will be damaged if it is overloaded for a long time. In this case, the material door should be reduced or closed immediately, and the feeder can be increased to control the feeding amount, so as to prevent the sand making machine from blocking.

3. Improper triangle belt tension

The production process of the sand making machine relies on the V-belt to transmit the power to the grooved wheel to crush the stone. When the triangle drive belt is loose, it will cause slippage. Instead of driving the pulley, the pulley rotates. The material cannot be subjected to normal crushing force, and cannot be crushed in the crushing cavity, thereby causing a material blocking phenomenon.

4.Improper adjustment of discharge opening

During the production process of the crusher, if the speed of discharging the material is too slow, it will cause the subsequent crushed materials to accumulate in the discharge port and the crushing cavity, causing a discharge obstacle.

5. Coordination of production line equipment

For example, if the conveying capacity of the conveyor exceeds the crushing capacity, then when the conveying capacity of the conveyor does not match the crushing capacity of the crusher, the material behind it will quickly enter the crusher while it is not crushed, causing the crushing to block in time.

6.Wearing of wearing parts is serious

The material entering the sand making machine cannot be fully broken and discharged in time, and a blockage occurs. Therefore, the wearing parts are severely worn and should be replaced in time.

7. the voltage is too low or unstable

The actual processing capacity of the sand making machine will be lower than the theoretical value. At this time, if the feeding speed is not adjusted, it is easy to produce a material blocking phenomenon. After the equipment is started, the voltage on site must be stable.

8. Improper manual operation

This is one of the more common reasons for sand making machine blockages. The operator of the sand making machine must go through system training and familiarize himself with the equipment before he can start work.

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