Causes And Solutions Of Blockage Of Impact Crusher


The impact crusher is widely used in the crushing industry due to its simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance. However, it will inevitably enc

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The impact crusher is widely used in the crushing industry due to its simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance. However, it will inevitably encounter various problems in production. Blocking of materials is one of the "conventional" problems. Today we come to talk about the problem of blockage of the impact crusher.

1. The material has high humidity, which is easy to stick and cause blocking.

If the raw material has more water content and high viscosity, the crushed material will easily adhere to the sieve holes of the screed plate and the sides of the lining plate, resulting in a reduction in the volume of the crushing cavity and a lower sieve hole passing rate, resulting in material blockage.


You can pre-heat the impact plate and feed inlet, install drying equipment, or perform sun exposure to reduce the moisture content of the material.

2.The material is too hard, too much or the particle size is too large

When the hardness of the material is large, it is not easy to break, or the feed size exceeds the maximum range defined by the impact crusher, and the discharge opening will be blocked when the crushing between the impact plate and the plate hammer is insufficient.


Before the materials enter the crushing cavity, the applicable materials of the impact crusher should be clarified, especially the requirements of the material properties, to ensure the correct feeding of the crusher;

It is not easy to put too much material into the crushing cavity. To this end, an electric bell and an alarm flashing light can be installed at the feeding port to control the feeding and avoid blocking caused by putting too much material;

After blasting a large piece of material, put it into the crushing chamber to make the material meet or close to the crushing requirements as much as possible to avoid blockage of the material.

3. The feeding speed is too fast, and the discharging speed is too slow

Under normal circumstances, the feeding speed and the discharging speed are balanced. If the former is too fast (the equipment is overloaded) or the latter is too slow, a large amount of material will be blocked inside the machine, which will cause blockage and make the equipment unable to operate normally.


To avoid overloading the machine, the feeding speed should be adjusted according to the processing capacity of the machine;In production, the size of the discharge opening should be adjusted in time according to the actual situation, so that the crushed material can be discharged smoothly. If the broken material changes, the size of the discharge opening should also be adjusted accordingly.

4. The V-belt is loose and the transmission kinetic energy is insufficient.

The crusher relies on the V-belt to transmit power to the trough to achieve the purpose of material crushing. If the V-belt is too loose, it will not be able to drive the trough, affect the crushing of the material, or prevent the broken material from being smoothly removed. Cause a blockage.


In the process of production crushing, pay attention to check the tightness of the V-belt. If it is improper, adjust it in time. parts wear

If the main components of the impact crusher are worn, the material crushing effect will also cause blockage.

Solution Pay attention to check the wear of the components, and replace the severely worn components in time to ensure the crushing effect of the material and reduce the blockage of the material.

6.The main shaft of the equipment is damaged

The main shaft is the "lifeblood" of the normal operation of each component of the crusher. If the main shaft is damaged, then each component of the equipment will be "involved" and cannot operate normally, which will cause the equipment to stop moving and cause material blockage.


The operation and maintenance personnel need to pay more attention to the maintenance and repair of the spindle, timely lubrication, and good maintenance, and solve problems in a timely manner to avoid affecting normal production.

7. improper operation, wrong

Part of the cause of the blockage is the operator's error, which may be unfamiliar with the process or a temporary error.


Equipment operators should undergo rigorous training before they are qualified. They must not only be familiar with the equipment's operating specifications, but also understand the entire production line process. For example, before use, they must start the machine strictly in accordance with the operating specifications and inspect the triangle. Whether the belt is loose to avoid material blocking due to improper operation.

8.Improper design of crushing cavity

The crushing cavity is the main place for impact crushing processing of the impact crusher. After completion, it is discharged from the lower part. If it is not designed properly, the material can easily cause blockage in the lower part of the crushing cavity.

The solution can improve the crushing cavity, using a curved crushing cavity, that is, the rod angle of the crushing cavity gradually decreases from top to bottom. This type of crushing cavity is conducive to the falling of the large pieces of material that have been broken, and it can also make small materials Unloading freely from the crushing area enables the material to be smoothly removed and reduces the blockage of the material. In order to avoid various problems caused by improper equipment design, users are advised to purchase machines from large manufacturers with guarantees.

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