ZSW Vibrating Feeder

ZSW Vibrating feeder, can block, granular materials from the storage silo uniform, timing, continuous to the feeding device, in the gravel production line for the crushing machinery can be continuously uniform feeding, and coarse screening of materials, vibrating feeder in the production process, used to block, granular and powdery materials from the storage warehouse or funnel evenly continuous or quantitative to the material equipment. Can be stepless regulation of feed volume, and realize the production process of centralized control and automatic control.

Product Features: Inheritance of classic design, pre-screening function, guaranteed working performances
  • Input Size: 0-800mm
  • Capacity: 30-1000TPH
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on
  • Application Field: Metal Mining, engineering construction, solid waste treatment, cement industry and coal industry.
  • High efficiency and low operating cost

    It adopts the double eccentric shaft as the excitation source and amplitude stability, which can ensure the liquidity of vibrating ore rock material and reduce channel blocking phenomenon of material, so it has high efficiency. It has the advantages of simple structure, no moving parts and less wearing parts. This series of vibration machine has less power consumption and energy saving.

  • High adaptability and less investment

    It has high adaptability for all kinds of ore and rock, especially for cohesive ore rock material, and it can work in dusty or more water environment. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, less investment and high performance price ratio.

  • Stable and reliable working performance

    It has good continuity and the exciting force can be adjusted. Electric control uses half wave rectifying electrical appliances and can adjust feeding amount, and also can be used for automatic control in the production process, and realize of the production process automation.


Application Of ZSW Vibrating Feeder

ZSW Vibrating Feeder is mainly used to feed material into primary crusher evenly and continuously. Meanwhile, it can screen material and strengthen the capacity of the crusher.It adopts double eccentric shaft vibration exciter structural characteristics to ensure that equipment can withstand the impact of falling bulk materials and increase feeding capacity.In the production process it can be massive and granular to sent materials from storage silos in uniform, regular and continuously way to the affected device,thus preventing the affected device due to uneven feed produced crash phenomenon,which extended equipment life.

Vibrating Feeder Structure

Working Principle

The feeder adopts inertia type double eccentric shaft vibrator to produce directional exciting force, and a pair of gear pairs are connected between the two axes to ensure the opposite rotation direction and the rotational speed is equal. Through the motor drive two eccentric shaft rotation, due to the eccentric mass on the two axes and the eccentricity size equal, the resulting inertia force in one Direction offset each other, and in the other direction superimposed, resulting in a large synthesis of directional exciting force, to make the feed trough which is rigidly connected with the vibrating exciter to make the forced vibration on the supporting spring, the material is driven by this vibration, and the material groove is used for sliding and throwing motion, so that the material is moved forward to achieve the feed purpose. When the material passes through the trough body the sieve strip, the small material passes through the sieve strip clearance, no longer passes through the next road crushing process, thus plays the sieving effect, guaranteed the lower road equipment's crushing efficiency and the ability.

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