Y Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is based on the experience of more than 20 years of vibrating screen design, combined with international advanced vibrating sieve manufacturing technology to develop a highly efficient circular vibrating screen with high strength and great excitation force. Y series vibrating screen using the N series of eccentric vibration exciter, the middle transmission connection using flexible connection, the equipment amplitude is larger, vibration stable, significantly improve the vibration screen through the ability and screening efficiency, to ensure that the vibrating screen running more reliable, has a longer service life.

Product Features: Inheritance of classic design, simple and reliable vibrating screen
  • Input Size: 0-400mm
  • Capacity: 7.5-700TPH
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore, coal and so on
  • Classical Structural Design Having Stable Performance & High Screening Efficiency

    Y Circular Vibrating Screen follows classical structural design of screening equipment, and its performance is fully guaranteed. In addition, SBM strengthens the design of vibration exciter, i.e. the vibration source is more stable, and the exciting force is more powerful.

  • V-Belt Transmission Device Making Operation More Stable

    Years of practical researches show that V-belt transmission device can effectively avoid the transmission of axial force during the vibrating process and decrease the failure rate. Directly connecting the motor and equipment through floating support and V-belt can effectively reduce the impact on the motor, greatly improving the life expectancy of motor and V-belt.

  • Larger Capacity, Easier Maintenance

    Larger Capacity, Easier Maintenance


Working Principle

The series vibrating screen adopts eccentric block as excitation source to drive the sieve box for round vibration, its working principle is: the Sieve box is arranged on the base (or base) by the elastic support, the eccentric block is installed on the main shaft, and the spindle is installed on the side plate of the sieve box through the bearing and the bearing The motor drives the middle drive shaft through the triangle belt, the middle drive shaft rotates, the spindle rotates, the eccentric block rotates, and the inertia force of the eccentric block causes the sieve box to vibrate. With the continuous operation of the motor, the vibrating screen is used for the approximate circle trajectory, and the continuous sieving operation is realized.

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