VSI5X Sand Making Machine

VSI5X series high efficiency impact crusher is a new generation product for which our company introduces German technology and owns multinomial autonomous patent properties. This crusher, which integrates three crushing modes, with each index remaining at international leading level is a kind of brand new high efficiency crusher and sand making michine, and is becoming a core equipment in machine-made san industry

Product Features: Lower maintenance costs, longer service life of vulnerable parts, quicker adjustments
  • Input Size: 0-50mm
  • Capacity: 70-640TPH
  • Material: Granite, quartz, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, etc.
  • Elaborately-designed Emission Mouth and Inner Curve reducing resistance and increasing throughout

    Through hydromechanics analyses and expenence sum-uP, emission mouth and even more smooth inner curve in this product design can farthest reduce material Llowing resistance and increase material throughput

  • Specific sealing structure- light oil antiseep, smooth and highly efficient

    Intemational advanced light oul antiseep device is aclopted at lower end of main shaft to greatly reduce oil leak risk. There is no oil seal on this device, avoiding trouble for customer to replace oil seal and ensuring machine running is much more smooth and long

  • Hammerhead optimization design -reducing wear and use-cost

    Cuses on optimizing the hammerhead as core part, to effectively prevent main throwing stub bar wear from damaging vertical plate, but also adopts combined design for main hammerhead. It only needs to replace wearing hammerhead and can reduce use-cost above


Working Principle

The center into hopper: material feeding into, the center feeding hole into the high-speed rotating rotor was sufficiently accelerated and the emission mouth out, first with rebound after free falling a portion of the material impact, and impact to the vortex shaped material around the vortex cavity lining (or counter block), first be bounced back to the top of the crushing chamber, after partial steering motion, forming a continuous material curtain and emitted from the impeller material impact, finally discharged.

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