MTM Trapezium Mill

MTM Trapezium Mill can be called as the MTM trapezium grinding mill. It is the popular grinding equipment for mining and construction industry. SBM can guarantee the high quality and high yield in the production line for over 20 years' abundant production experience and advanced technology. It also can be used in coal industry to break rock materials for sale.

Product Features: Low energy consumption, high yielding and high gains
  • Input Size: 0-35mm
  • Capacity: 3-22TPH
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.
  • Low cost and high performance

    The rollers and ring is designed into ladder, which can reduce the rollers and ring material's slip velocity, thus extending the material compaction time and improving the effect of crushing.Press spring with steady pressure effect and the elastic coupling damping effect is stable. Compared to other products the whole point of force improves about 40%; and the elastic coupling device can reduce the vibration and noise to avoid the resonance.

  • Good stability and high reliability

    Equipped with high density powder- selected impeller machine, it can improve the powder precision. At a constant engine speed, improving leaf density can increase final product fineness. At the same power, finished product production is increased by more than 50%.Equipped with high efficient and energy-saving centrifugal induced draft fan, it can improve the efficiency of induced draft fan.

  • Ideal product size

    The inclined wind channel ensures that materials that entered into the wind in the volute can smoothly along the slope into the mill.The convenient impeller adjusting device makes the gap size selected leaf powder machine end and shell can be adjusted conveniently and rapidly.


Working Principle

MTM trapezium mill hosts work process is driven by the central shaft reducer, the upper end of the shaft is connected to plum rack, rack mounted roller device and the formation of swing pivot. Roller device not only around the central axis of rotation, also revolves around the grinding ring, roller itself due to the friction and rotation. Plum rack mounted under the blade system, its position in the lower end of the roller, the roller blade and process with the transfer of the material fed toss between roller and grinding ring, forming a litter layer, the litter layer by grinding roll outward centrifugal force generated by the rotation (i.e., pressing force) of the material is crushed, thereby achieve the purpose of milling.

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