LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

LUM vertical Mill in the comprehensive following the main advantages of the LM series grinding mill, the development of energy-saving environmental protection and the concept of energy policy, closely follow the call of home, explore the sustainable development of mine grinding economic model. Experts predict that if the two design life of my existing concrete structure is measured in 60 years, the concrete strength of the existing concrete structure can only reach 40% of the design strength due to the high content of ultrafine cement particles and 50 years. Lum Series Vertical Mill cement purpose is to strengthen the standard gradation, extend the use of cement products cycle.

Product Features: Higher capacity, better powder quality, more excellent comprehensive performances
  • Input Size: 0-10mm
  • Capacity: 5-18TPH
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

Vertical roller mill maintenance

Equipment maintenance is an important factor to ensure the safety of equipment, efficient operation, attention should be paid to the device in operation, due to changes in the use of the equipment must be this or that kind of abnormal phenomenon, coupled with the anchor bolts and other fasteners loose, lubricating oil, the wear loss of the parts, dirty and so on. These cases will cause deterioration of equipment condition. If not timely treatment will lead to premature wear of the equipment, even serious equipment failure, thereby reducing the service life of the equipment.

Usually to make some regular inspection of equipment, equipment to observe whether there is abnormal vibration and noise of the pump, check whether it is normal, check the anchor bolts of all major equipment and connecting bolts are loose, to inspect and replace the timing regular opposition mill will happen in a timely manner, to ensure the normal service life of vertical mill the.

Vertical Roller Mill Application

Vertical roller mill is a fine grinding equipment, in the building materials industry for fine grinding hard, medium hardness or soft materials, especially in the cement industry, ceramic industry, power sector, such as the use of more, such as cement clinker, limestone, clay, china clay, gypsum, feldspar, barite and coal. Vertical Mill has now become the cement industry in the raw meal grinding equipment, an estimated more than 600 sets of units have been put into production. Large vertical grinding capacity has reached 600t/h, transmission power 5000KW. The basic process of vertical mill is final grinding, but in order to contend with the grinding of roller press and adapt to the needs of the transformation of the pipe ball mill system, we developed a grinding system and developed gradually.

  • [Project]: Vertical Roller Mill
  • [Feed Size]: <10 mm
  • [Production Capacity]:5-18t/h
  • [Application Field]: According to the Lum series of vertical grinding structure characteristics, it is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, non-metallic Minerals and other industries ultra-fine grinding.
  • [Applicable Materials]: Mo's hardness below 5 levels, density under 3.2, compressive strength under 150MPA, non-flammable explosive ore, non-corrosive brittle material granular and powdery raw materials, such as limestone, calcite, talc, barite, dolomite and other non-metallic ores.

Factors affecting the life of vertical roller mill

Vertical mill in the work of the time, its life is limited, because the machine for the production process of materials, some of the internal accessories will be worn, when the wear is more serious, can not carry material grinding, this time, these parts can no longer assist in the work, that is, its life expectancy, in addition, in the work, there are some factors that will also cause the change in the life of the grinding, because the work, although the machine has a better intelligence, but not completely out of manual operation, Here's what we're going to say about what these factors are all about.

1. Operation Method

Because the vertical mill in the production process, the request operation method is more strict, for example the switch machine, if the order is wrong, not only will affect the production process, but also will cause the accessory damage, this has the influence to the life span, therefore the operation method must standardize

2. Maintenance of Vertical Grinding

Because in the work, the internal accessories will be worn, so in order to ensure the smooth operation of its work, it needs to be maintained, and maintenance needs to be carried out regularly, otherwise, can not help reduce the degree of wear, in the maintenance of the time, must be in accordance with the specification requirements.

3. Replacement Of Parts And Component

Because of the process of work, the parts have been worn, if not in the assistance work, then it needs to be replaced, if the vertical mill production, parts wear more serious, but there is no timely replacement, then it will cause other parts of the phenomenon of wear and tear, which will make the life of the machine drastically reduced, so the replacement of parts is also very important.

Working Principle

Through spiral feeder, materials fall onto the center of grinding plate of LUM Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill. Driven by the motor of host, the reducer rotates the grinding plate to form centrifugal force which forces materials to move towards the fringe of grinding plate. While passing through the grinding area between roller and grinding plate, bulky materials are broken directly by the pressure of roller while fine materials form a layer where materials crush each other. Broken materials after grinding continue moving to the edge of grinding plate until they are brought away by the airflow and enter the powder selector. Under the action of blades of selector, coarse particles which fail to meet standard of fineness drop to the grinding plate to have another grinding while powders meeting the standard enter the powder collector as finished products. For sundries like iron block in materials, when they move to the fringe of grinding plate, because of their heavier weight, they would drop to the lower cavity of grinding mill and next be sent into the discharging port by scarper installed at the bottom of grinding plate and finally be discharged out of the grinding mill.

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