HST Cone Crusher

If your aggregate or mining business demands not only big capacity and first-class product quality but also low operating cost, high utilization of source and easy maintainence, you will find a SBM HST crusher is optimized for your needs. As a kind of energy efficient product, HST series can be efficiently applied to various crushing processes with full automation control and relatively low operating and maintenance cost.

Product Features: Bigger capacity, safer and more intelligent, higher efficiency
  • Input Size: 0-370mm
  • Capacity: 45-2130TPH
  • Material: Granite, diabase, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, metallic ores and non-metallic ores, etc.
  • High performance Great Compressive Capacity

    The high perfomance of HST series cone crusher not depends on a single components optimized design or the upgraded materials, but the perfect match between different components.HST series cone crushers incorporate eccentricity, cavity and equipment motion parameters together, greatly improving the end products quaily, production capacity and efficiency.The optimized strength design and high quality components improve HST series cone crushers compressive capacity, which provides a higher crushing ratio and capacity hence

  • Full Automatic Control

    Full automatic control system provides manual control, consistent discharging control, consistent power control and other kinds of operating mode for users to choose It can continuously montor the actual load inside the crusher, so as to optimize the ut zaton rate of the crusher and maximize its performance by automaticaly adjusting the equlpment Besides, the system can automatica ly monitor, provide alarm and display various operating parameters, enabling the user to command real-time running situation of the equipment. For example, when the liner wears to replacement period and can not be used anymore, the control panel will display and emit an alarm automatically.

  • Suitable for Various Process Requirements

    A variety of cavty type, a larger crushing ratio and flexible change of eccentricity guarantee the most reasonable solut on for a wide variety of crushing processes HST senes cone crushers can provide excelent perfomance in secondary application, and if is also the best choice for tertiary and quatenary application In secondary application, the capacity of production line can be greatty improved by maximizing the primary crushers closed sid etting


Working Principle

When a HST Cone Crusher works, driven by the motor, the transmission shaft rotates under the action of belt pulley and triangular belt. Next, the transmission shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to make it rotate around the axis. Meanwhile, the eccentric sleeve forces the movable cone to do pendular movement. This movement makes the movable cone and fixed cone sometimes close to, sometimes far away from the rolling wall. Materials are continuously shocked, squeezed and crushed in the crushing cavity between the crushing wall and the rolling wall. Finally, materials are discharged out of the machine when their fineness reaches the discharging standard.

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