River Sand

Ore properties

River sand is a non-metallic ore of natural stone in the natural state under repeated impact and friction for a long time under the action of water. River sand particles are smooth, relatively clean, and have a wide range of sources. River sand has no taste, and sea sand has a salty taste.

Processing process

The process of drying the river sand is as follows: powder or granular river sand is conveyed by the belt feeder to the feeder, and then the river sand is conveyed into the drying drum by the feeder. The river sand is evenly distributed in the drying drum. When the plate copying device is turned, it is evenly dispersed to be in full contact with hot air to achieve the purpose of drying heat and mass. After the river sand is dried by the river sand dryer, the finished product is discharged through the unloader at the drum terminal, and the dry product is output by the belt discharge machine to complete the drying process.

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