Concrete Aggregate

Ore nature

Concrete aggregate refers to granular loose material that plays a skeleton or filling role in concrete. Divided into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Coarse aggregates include pebbles, crushed stones, waste residues, etc., and fine aggregates include medium-fine sand, fly ash, etc. Aggregate with a particle size greater than 4.75 mm is called coarse aggregate, commonly known as stone. There are two kinds of gravel and pebble. Crushed stone is made of natural rock or rock that has been mechanically broken and sieved and has a particle size greater than 4.75 mm.

Processing process

Good sand and gravel grading can also save the amount of cement in concrete; aggregates account for 70% to 80% of the total volume of concrete, forming a strong skeleton in concrete, which can reduce the shrinkage of concrete; by selecting appropriate varieties of aggregates Or aggregate gradation, you can prepare concrete with special functions, such as lightweight aggregate concrete, radiation-proof concrete, heat-resistant concrete, waterproof concrete, etc.

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