Pebble is named after its shape is similar to that of pebble. It is formed by the impact of mountain torrents and the extrusion of flowing water. It usually needs to go through tens of thousands of years of evolution. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, colorless, compressive, wear-resistant and solid. It is a green raw material in the fields of public buildings, ceramics, paper making, chemical industry, national defense, garden and so on, with high industrial value.

Pebble processing equipment

1. Jaw Crusher: the hardness of pebbles is relatively hard, so the jaw crusher is usually used for rough crushing, which has a very strong compressive capacity, a wide range of feed particle size, and no dead zone in the crushing cavity, so the yield and crushing efficiency are higher.

2. Cone Crusher: the equipment is used for the re crushing of pebbles. Its larger feed particle size is 300 mm, and there is no requirement fo r hardness. Overload protection device is set, so the operation process is very safe and stable.

3. Sand Making Machine: the sand making machine is a common fine crushing and shaping equipment for pebbles. The finished product is cube shaped, with complete grain type, fairly uniform grain size, reasonable grading, simple operation and maintenance, and good sand making effect.

4. Sand Washing Machine: it is used for cleaning and processing pebble particles after sand making. During operation, the loss of fine sand is small, and the water consumption is small, which can save a lot of energy and the cleaning is very thorough.

5. Other Equipment: Pebble processing equipment also includes vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, dust remover and other devices, which play a very important role in pebble processing technology.

Pebble processing process

The processing of pebbles usually needs to go through the steps of coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, sand making and sand washing. The specific process is as follows: pebbles are uniformly fed into jaw crusher by vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, coarse crushed pebbles are sent to cone crusher by conveyor for medium crushing, and medium crushed pebbles are screened by circular vibrating screen, which meets the requirements It is sent to the sand making machine for fine crushing and sand making, and the unqualified materials are returned to the cone crusher for further crushing. After fine crushing and shaping, the pebble particles are screened by the circular vibrating screen again, and then the qualified materials enter the sand washing machine for cleaning and impurity removal. Otherwise, they enter the sand making machine again for sand making, which is repeated until all pebble materials are processed.

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